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The Certain in Uncertain

Introducing ‘the code to consciousness’ A book about how to conquer the uncertainty of the mind, to regain control and stability in life.

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I have had a knack for storytelling. Wrote a
short novel when I was 7.

Exploring Surah An-Naba from a Scientific Perspective

A book that takes readers on a transformative journey that harmonizes the profound teachings of Surah An-Naba with recent scientific explorations. 



KuchKaho TV

I started kuchkahoTV in 2018, becoming one of Pakistan’s earliest podcasts with 100k+ combined views/listens.

Point of View

Point Of View is hosted by two of the most contrasting personalities with comparison to each other. Launched in 2018, a podcast focusing on life, perspective, social and cultural affairs featuring guests, stories, intellectuality, and a bit of humor.

Divine Reflections cover

Divine Reflections

Started Divine Reflections, a digital Dawah platform back in early 2021 as a passion project and an experiment to judge the potential of organic growth on Instagram and a year later we are on 26k followers.

Post Production

I work along with a team of highly creative video editors providing video editing for short form, podcasts, youtube videos, courses, and all video and motion content.

Social Media Management

I have a great team behind me to help you in all kinds of social media problems,
smm, seo, content writing, content creation, editing, graphics, animation, etc.

Content Strategy

As a content researcher and strategist, I meticulously plan and curate content that resonates with our audience. I ensure that everything works seamlessly in a systemic manner, from ideation to execution and to further publication.

Hey there! I tell stories, and here’s exactly what I mean by that;

One role in which I feel all my skills and everything I do can fit well is storytelling. Stories are one of the most important and effective ways of communication, and we all need communication to uplift and thrive. I practice and translate my storytelling skills through content. Content, for me, is a great way to communicate and tell stories because, at the end of the day, all we want is to tell our people, our clients, our customers, the unique story that makes us who we are. In the process of telling stories, I take on different roles and positions for clients and agencies from all around the world, for over 4+ years, most frequently being a Content Strategist, Content Creator, Video Editor, Motion Graphics guy, Creative Director, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, and whatnot.

“While facts tell, stories sell. In marketing, the art of storytelling transforms products into experiences, creating an emotional connection that transcends transactions.” – Seth Godin, Marketing Guru

Marketing is essentially telling the customer your story, and that’s what my team and I focus on. We don’t do Ads, PPC, and SEO, but we make sure we provide you complete solutions to help you tell and share your brand’s unique story.

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Motion Videos Portfolio

Helping brands tell their unique story through motion videos.

Changing the landscape of Content Marketing.


Billal is a highly skilled video and creative director and business owner. He is highly responsive, great at sales and customer service, and most importantly delivers high quality video. I look forward to working with him for a long time and I would recommend him to anyone with video needs to promote podcast or other content.

Andrew Kappel

Strategic Consultant

Billal is a creative talent and a thoughtful teammate. He’s capable of just about anything when it comes to creative work. He offers unique insights and is always willing to step outside of his comfortability to help the overall cause. I love working with Billal!

Shawn Winters

Shift – CEO & Founder

I’m amazed by Bilal’s ability to add perspective to an agenda, a skill he uses while public speaking. He is a highly focused as well as analytical in his analysis. His energy to make things happen is contagious. I wish him luck and all the support for his future endeavour.

Anam Zorain

Certified Corporate Trainer

Billal is a remarkably versatile person with extensive expertise in mental health and well-being. He consistently shows a dedication to self-improvement and expanding his

Dr. Sonya Makhmood

Neurodev. Disorders Expert

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